Saturday, June 17, 2006

Eat This Book: A Review

Eat This Book will probably be my least favorite Peterson book. In most of his books Peterson spends his time connecting us with the stories of scripture, pointing out the connections, teaching us the rhythm of things. He teaches us how to read the scriptures by example, he never stops and explain what he's doing, he just does it. It's very powerful cause it creeps up on you, engaging your prayerful imagination. In Eat This Book Peterson explains his view of the Scriptures and how we are to read them. It's great stuff. Peterson knows what he's talking about; but it's like listening to Tigger Woods talk about golf theory. It's just not the same as watching him play.

In the third and final chapter Peterson tells the story of how the Message came to be. He brings in discoveries in archeology that showed that Tyndale, not the King James had it right. Most of the Scriptures were written in the language of the plow boy not of the high court. In the final chapter Peterson is back to doing what he does best, telling stories and making connections. Worth the read, just don't make this your first Peterson book.

- Peace


Richard said...

Let me guess, you prefer the live hockey games over Don Cherry explaining what was right/wrong with the play :)

Dave King said...

Nah, Don Cherry can be a hoot, he's doing what he does well. Hearing Don Cherry talk about fashion, now that would be painful.