Monday, June 05, 2006

Go Oilers!!!

I was an Oilers fan before I moved to Edmonton, and I'm still a fan after moving to Calgary. Course I became a fan, cause growing up in NB it got me out of the Bruins / Canadians debate. Oh you just like the Oilers cause they're winning, what do you know? Truth is not much, I heard about Gretzky breaking records on the news, I never watched the games, still don't. I've watch half a game so far this year.

I do find the culture fascinating, for instance in 2004 the Flames made it to the Stanley Cup and people in Edmonton were genuinely rooting for their arch rivals. It's 2006 and the Oilers are in the final two and most Calgarians are trying to ignore the few Oilers fans here. What gives? In 2004 it had been ten years since a Canadian Team had made the Stanley Cup finals, the Oilers didn't even make the 2004 playoffs. Edmonton has won Lord Stanley's Cup five times.

In 2006 Flames fans thought their team had a good shot at winning their second cup. The Flames were favorites going into the playoffs, expectations were high. Those dreams were killed by the Ducks, a team Edmonton later beat in five games. This brings back many bitter memories for Flames fans. It's just like the old days when Edmonton won those five cups. If the Oilers win it will widen the gap between the two teams, that's a much harder pill for fans here to swallow than for Oilers fans to see Calgary get one cup closer to Edmonton.

Go Oilers!!!

- Peace


Jim Dwyer said...

Hi Dave,

I'm a Bruins fan, so I was glad to see Carolina come back to dump the Habs. But I'm rooting for Edmonton (unlike the Flames fanes you mentioned). I figured all of Canada would be behind the Oilers, even Calgary. Thanks for enlightening me about that aspect of the Alberta rivalry.

More thoughts on why I'm rooting for Edmonton at my "Canadian spy" site.

Richard said...

Keep in mind that in Edmonton 2004, after the finals, they burned all the flames-fan stuff they had bought so as to remove all evidence that the town had cheered for the flames.

I think the difference is that in Edmonton, the season isn't over until the finals - even if they get knocked out. But in Calgary, the season is over as soon as the Flames get knocked out.

I know quite a few fellow Edmontonians who, like myself, cheered for the Habs after the Oilers got knocked out. One was my priest and his name was Claude Lemieux. He was pleased that the Habs won the cup because everyone started pronouncing his last name correctly.

Bubble Buster said...

It's Hurrican season! you don't have a chance! Say good night! Canes in Five games!

Dave King said...

BB talk to me when it's Canes with Five cups :) Go Oilers!!!

- Peace

Richard said...

Just remember that the Edmonton Oilers have never won a Stanley Cup without Mark Messier - though Messier has got one with the New York Oilers^H^H^H^H^H^H Rangers.