Thursday, December 22, 2005

Prayerful Imagination

crowds of people
traveling back to their home town
things to do
arrangements to make
our frantic Christmas season
same as the first

I don't know anyone
who would travel like that
with a mother expectant

why was Marry there
was it not safe at home
perhaps those who thought
Joseph should have divorced her, punished her
would make it so
if she did not journey as well

did some of then make it Bethlehem first
talking of Joseph and his 'bride'
and what should be done
and so there was no room at the inn

The manger was a safe place
simple, dirty but safe

Is that why they were still in Bethlehem
two years later?
Even in the days of Cesar Augustus
it did not take two years to be counted

the Prince of Peace has been entering
dark and painful situations from the beginning

my entry in our advent journal.

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