Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's Winter in Canada eh?

Yesterday morning it was about -18c (-0.4F) and I was standing out side of Wallmart ringing bells for the Salvation Army. People made a big deal of this, asking me why I was standing out side, would Wallmart not let me inside? They asked the staff who told them that yes they had asked me to come in. One woman bought me hot chocolate to drink, Thanks that was nice. Another said I deserved a medal and then put $20 in the kettle.

It's winter in Canada people! Have we forgotten what it's like to be out side in the cold? What does it say about our Canadianess if we're shocked that someone would prefer to be out side even in the cold. I had a touque, gloves, my warm leather jacket and hiking boots. I wasn't out there in shorts, thought I did see one guy in shorts yesterday. I don't know if it's just Calgary where we've gone form +18c (64.4F) to -18 in week or if modern Canadians have just gotten really good at avoiding the Great White North.

As for me, I'll take the kettle out side. It's Canada, it's Christmas, it should be cold!

- Peace


Ian McKenzie said...

Good for you Dave!

If I'm any indication, we've become a bunch of wusses. ;) I remember standing on kettles, as a teenager, in Prince Albert, outside the old Kresge's store and it was 18 below F! Now, I'm happy to work my kettle shifts in a mall.

Dave King said...

Ian if you've done -18F then you've paid your dues man!