Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dallas Willard on 'Quiet Times'

Quiet times as we have construed them do not work for most people. I suggest people set aside longer periods of time less frequently. We must have space for extended periods. Intensity in any discipline is so important. A shower ever few days is much more effective than a few small drips every day.

As seen on not all who wander are lost.

- Peace


Richard said...

"prayer is wasting time with God" - unknown source

Michael said...

Hemmingway said no experience is wasted. If so no time is wasted either. It is simply spent.
If I am wasting time with God, is He wasting time with me?
There is an aspect of discipline in daily prayer (pray at all times.) that I feel Dallas' comment ignores. Nor does my discipline of daily (more like many times a day) prayer eliminate the need for long, deep draughts from the well.