Thursday, December 08, 2005

Anne Rice on the Historical Jesus

"What gradually came clear to me was that many of the skeptical arguments- arguments that insisted most of the Gospel were suspect, for, or written too late to be eyewitness accounts- lacked coherence... Absurd conclusions were reached on the basis of little or no data at all." ("Christ the Lord", by Anne Rice, pg 313, Knopf Canada)
Yes that's the same Anne Rice who was all the rage in the Goth sceen when I was growing up with her Vampire novels.

As seen on Emergent Voyageurs.

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Richard said...

Thanks for the head up. I had no idea Anne Rice returned to the Roman Catholic faith in 1998 and gave up writing Vampire novels.

Must have been quite a switch to leave the Vampire Novel world. Creatures have to drink blood to achieve immortality but in the Christian faith where everyone has to drink blood to achieve immortality...

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...


I think you actual caught the deeper message of the vampire myth. It represents fallen humanity trying to find a way to life by mimicking Truth, when Truth scared them (Cross) and required their death to be free. I've been working on a book on this for some time.