Monday, May 16, 2005

Searching for the Joy

Part 1
Somewhere I lost it.
I lost something precious.
I lost my joy.
I've become cynical, doubtful, and sometimes outright mean.

So I decided I had better go look for it.
In hopes that God remembers where I put it, I'm looking in His word and asking for His help.

This is the journey as it begins.
The version of the bible with the most references to joy (that I know of) is "The Bible in Basic English" with 358 references.

The first:
Ge 29:11 "And weeping for joy, Jacob gave Rachel a kiss."

Jacob fell in love with Rachel the moment he saw her, and she with him. This Thursday is my 15th anniversary to Carol. It took a bit more than the fist sight for it to happen but it has never left me. Today I will remember the joy I have in her, give her a kiss and maybe weep again for joy.


Dave King said...

Congrats guys! Continue to enjoy one another!

Michael said...

I know what you mean. I have become very cynical and doubtful. Also I trust very few people anymore.