Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Searching for the Joy - 2

Ge 30:13 "And Leah said, Happy am I! and all women will give witness to my joy: and she gave him the name Asher."

Asher was the 8th son that Leah, and Rachel and their handmaids gave Jacob.
It isn’t very nice that Leah named the son Asher (which means joy) to spite her sister.
Maybe the good way to look at it is that I have many things that other people don’t have: a nice place to live, a good job, a cool car, more than enough food to eat. Today I will try to be thankful that I have them.


Richard said...

Perhaps you can also be thankful that you arent married to a pair of rival sisters who try to spite each other by having their nannies bear your children... :p

Though come to think of it, Laban and Jacob are responsible for a good share of the trouble. Even folk like David and Samuel didnt make the best of family men. Has anyone found Biblical stories of a good father and husband other than Joseph, the Guardian of Our Lord?

Michael said...

Yikes! I hadn't thought of that.

Jimmy Durante sang in his great song "InkaDinkaDoo" "I once sang for the Sultan of Passion and he offered me his harem of 500 wives.
I turned him down. Who wants 1000 pairs of stockings hung over the shower in the morning, not Durante."