Saturday, May 28, 2005

I met Paul Bellows

Not like it was hard to meet Paul, Kim and I went to see him play at the Karma last night and there were about 12 people there. What makes this blog worthy is that I hadn't met Paul before last night, I know two guys in Splendour Bog, Paul was in Splendor Bog. I know two of the guys he works with, I worked with them first. And I knew one of his brothers back in the early 90s on IVNet. Though I never did meet Andrew face to face. So I finally met Paul Bellows after unconsciously avoiding him for almost a decade.

Paul and Brock Skywalker (Brock is an x-Captain Tractor) put on a great show. They took the stage together and traded doing songs back and forth, singing back up for the other. Two guys who write good songs about bad relationships, and hockey moms.

- Peace

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