Monday, May 30, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

saw RotS on Sat and yeah it was much better than I & II combined. Favorite bits, R2D2 kicks some @$$! Lucas has a great take on the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Worst bit: completely irelevent walk on for Chubaka. I love the big hairy guy, but really, it was a throw back to some of the worst moments in episode I. Why look a character from the original movies, awkward pause. But that's about it, the rest was good to great!

- Peace


Richard said...

So Chewie made a cameo appearance but there were no scenes of Han Solo as a boy living a life of adventure as a chivalric rogue trying to receive attention from a scholarly father?

We dont find out that his real name was "Jun Ior" and that Hanry was the name of a pet Ewok?

Does anyone lose a hand only to be told "that belongs in a museum"?

Dave King said...

No, I think the young Han Solo adventures will have to wait for the special edition.

- Peace