Sunday, June 27, 2004


We we're given 5th row VIP tickets to Quidam, the Cirque du Soleil show currently playing in Calgary. Unlike last year's very abstract Alegría, Quidam told a story you could follow if you paid close attention. It's the story of a family that has become creaky and brittle and how they've placed their spirit, or joy in a cage.

There's a lot going on and it's easy to miss the story developing. You need to keep an eye on the red balloons as they represent the joy of life. As well keep an eye on what's happening at the back of the stage. In mid act one of the main characters will appear at the back edge of the stage to watch, tying what's going on in the foreground to the developing story.

I found the Aerial Contortion in silk particularly moving. Isabelle Vaudelle acted out birth, growth, beauty and then death by suicide, the mother of the family then carries her body off stage. What did Isabelle's dance represent? Was it a tragedy in the mother's life, her own spirit? I don't know, but it was beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

But the show didn't stay heavy for long, their was some brilliant comedy involving members of the audience. The clowning didn't add much to the story but lightened the mood considerably.

In the end the family is reunited with their joy, where else but at the Circus? OK so the ending is lame, but what other hope would you expect Cirque Du Soleil to put forth?

- Peace

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