Thursday, June 03, 2004

Go for souls and go for the worst


kris said...

As you may have read on that link, I sincerely question if it's probable that a church could return to its roots, in a relevant way of course.

It seems to me Booth was actually getting back to his Wesleyan roots, however, the result was not a renewed radical Wesleyan church but an entirely new church. Does the same thing have to continue to happen?

Dave King said...

I guess it depends on what you mean by roots. If you mean the brass bands and the uniforms, then I hope not, but if you mean the burning desire to serve Jesus, to serve the poor, than I can only hope so.

I think we wory to much about church originization, it's a secondary concern. Both the Methodist church and Salvarion Army grew out of people serving God and the fruit of that ministry overflowing what the Chruch at the time could handle. The wine is more important than the wine skin.

- Peace