Sunday, June 13, 2004

Out Classed

Ok so on Wed night I went biking in Canmore in an area known as the Bench Lands. It's in the north east corner of Canmore, no where near the Nordic Center, I was wrong.

The slow group on Wed was made up of Alan and Ian, who were leading the ride, and three terminally good looking twenty something females. And your truly, over weight 30 something. At one point when I caught up to them they were talking about the Marathons they run. Yeah not good for the my inner chauvinist ego.

I felt like I need a group bellow slow riding, a Bike and Hike group. Oh well that's what I go for: to challenge myself. I just wish the gap wasn't so big or apparent.

- Peace


Swansmith said...

I say good for you for going outside your comfort zone and pushing yourself to new and more difficult challenges. We should all follow suit. (But may not be brave enough--speaking for myself.)


kris said...

If someone who bikes over 1600km a year is slower than slow, where does that leave the rest of us?

Dave King said...

Kris, some how average never comes into play in my world. I wouldn't be qualified to comment.

- Peace