Friday, June 04, 2004

Into the Desert / Wilderness

For the next little while I'll be working on some papers for a course on the desert/wilderness theme in Christian spirituality so I thought I'd (actually Dave told me to) share some thoughts on a subject that is still unfamiliar to me.

The reason I say "desert/wilderness" is b/c the greek word - eremos - can be interepretted either way (Compare NIV and NLT) and actually refers to a lonely place, uninhabited by people. It may be a dry, parched land, or an ocean storm threatening to drown you. It may be a steep cliff off of which you could fall if the slightest breeze comes your way. It may be a thick forest with the constant threat of dangerous beasts. Essentially, an eremos is a place without the companionship, resources or distractions of others. We are alone in the eremos and we fear for our survival.

If you haven't been there yet, you will be someday. When that day comes you will be left with only yourself, your true self, in the presence of your Creator; and the only stance that will allow you to survive will be one of humility, gratitude and absolute reliance upon him.

NEXT: how do we end up in an eremos?

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Michael said...

Isn't it interesting that we can't seem to grow except in the most uncomfotable places. The very ones we spend most or our energy avoiding. It becomes a pretty tough sell to say "Give your life to God and He will lead you though the toughest path you have ever seen."