Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Small World at 900km

Kendran and I at 900km

Our back to school tradition is taking Sarah out to UBC. My tradition is taking my bike out to Vancouver when ever possible :) While Kim and Sarah were shopping for some items to make Sarah's new room more of a home I was out riding in Vancouver. I had just hit the 900km mark for the year and had stopped to connect with Kim and Sarah about where to meet when Kendra walked up to me! Small world. We had been planning to get together of supper that night, but the meeting in the park was random.

Kendra was in Stanley park registering for Monday's Triathlon. Since I was over 900km and under 901km I could take our shot as my 900km shot. Yay!

Yes I'm annoyed that the shot is blurry. Should have paid closer attention.

 - Peace

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