Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Ride With My New Garmin Edge 500

Just after hitting the 900km mark and seeing Kendra, I was riding to meet Kim and Sarah and realized that my Enduro 8 was missing.  I backtracked to where I had last had it but no luck.  Now I love the Enduro 8 except for the bracket, it has a small tab that breaks each winter making it easy to bump the Enduro 8 out of the bracket.   I hadn't bothered to replace the bracket this year as I was thinking I would replace it with a Sigma (much better bracket) or Garmin.

I went with the Garmin after a heavy endorsement from Kendra that night at supper after I mentioned losing the Enduro 8.   Also David M. has been singing it's praises each year when we ride Goat Creek.

Got the Garmin Edge 500 yesterday at MEC with the speed/cadence senrors yesterday and installed them yesterday afternoon, but didn't get out for a ride.

Ran an errand today and looped around the north side of the Glenmore Reservoir.  I've uploaded the data from my first ride to the Garmin site.  Other than needing to prod it to connect to the speed/cadence sensor everything seemed to work fine.

One hiccup I didn't expect was that there's no single odometer on the Edge 500.  So 100km points won't be as easy to track.  Will take a look and see if the data format is easy to read so I can at least automate the math.

- Peace

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