Sunday, September 30, 2012

My 103 km Day

Calgary in the Distance at 1400km
A bit of catching up first. Hit 1400km on Friday, two days off the pace with time running out. Had an issue with my front break and two flats, joy.  The last flat was just at 1400km so I didn't get any buffer past that.  Kim came to get me, so I could get to PedalHead before they closed on Friday.

So I had 98.5km still to go and just two days to go.  Got distracted by other things on Saturday, so had 98.5 km to go as of this morning.

Left early for Converge at The House in Kensington, used the extra time to take the river pathway turning a 19km ride into a 35km ride.   After Converge I joined Richard's Birthday Ride as it passed through Kensington.  We rode to Eau Claire and then to Sandy Beach, past the reservoir and on to Glenmore Landing. Taking me to the 51km mark

North Glenmore Reservoir
After some food (I had poutine) and drink to celebrate Richard's birthday, the Fellowship was broken and I headed west and north along the Reservoir with Calvin and Dave until they headed back to their homes in the North.  I looped around the Reservoir and headed south along the pathway that took me to 37th Street, took 37th Street over Fishcreek and then home through evergreen.  82km.

After dinner and a break I headed out in the dark for a 22km ride mostly in Bridlewood.  Hit the 1500km Mark by the end of Sept.  Yay!

Evergreen at 1500km
Hit the 103km for the day when I got home.   I've posted the data from today's ride, if you're really curious.  Most satisfying number to me is the moving time of 5h 23m.  The last time I did 100km in a day it was exactly 100km and It was 5h 30m for moving time.  Not exactly Tour de France speeds, but progress for me.

Now to see how I feel tomorrow, I'd like to get km in before the snow hits on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Goal for October is to hit the 2000km mark for the year.

- Peace

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