Friday, September 07, 2012

1000 KM and an Updated Plan

Crossing the Elbow at 1000 km
Hit the 1000km mark on the way back from downtown. Stopped and took this shot crossing the Elbow River.

It's been eight days since hitting the 800km mark for an average of 25km a day. If I keep that pace for the rest of Sept. I'll pass 1500km by the end of the month. That leaves me with 1000km for the last three months of the year. 500km in Oct, 300 km in Nov and 200 in Dec should be quite doable. I have done 500km in December before though I'd rather not repeat that :)

Only major risk is Environment Canada is calling for a mild fall and winter. So there's a good chance it will be wet and extra cold. We'll see.

- Peace

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