Monday, September 10, 2012

My Top 6 London Shots + 1

I took over 2500 shots while in the UK.  Of those I published 185 to Flickr.  Of those 18 made it to my Most Interesting of 2012 set.  Here are the top 6 shots as ranked by Flickr:

#1London Eye Pod2nd only to 2008's Sky Canola this shot just took off. 1266 views, 76 favorites and 49 comments. I knew it was a cool shot but wasn't expecting that much of a response.

It was the perfect spot for my Sigma 8-16mm Ultrawide lens.
#2The Eye by Night#31 on the all time list, the London Eye does well again with my Ultrawide lens. Taken with my tripod on the Westminster bridge.
#3Gothic CeilingThe Gothic Ceiling of the St Mary Aldermary Church was listed as one of the reasons to visit it when I googled the church while trying to locate Moot. Moot is as cool as their ceiling. Even if they did mock me for drinking Strongbow. Not a real cider apparently.
#4Armed BobbyA weak shot technically, I think this shot works as the British Police are famous for not carrying guns. The fact that this armed Bobby is a woman just adds to the dissonance.
#5Modern LondonWith 7 favorites and 0 comments I have no idea why people like this shot. I'm guessing the curved architecture, the clouds and the river.
#6Very SilverShot from our tour bus, this is one of those times when things come together.  Cool shiny Austin Martin on a mostly monochromatic background.
+1Piccadilly CircusSometimes I get very excited about a shot and post it to flickr and the silence is deafening.  I have a whole collection of these shots called: Personal Favs.

I just love this handheld, Lensbaby night shot of a drenched Piccadilly Circus.  Flickr was less impressed.   

So that's it for London. I've started posting pictures from Paris.

- Peace

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