Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Globalization of the Imagination

When a religion aggressively proselytizes and seeks to transform the world, its most important resource is its images. It is image that transforms the imagination, and it is imagination that engenders a lifestyle. And what globalization does better than anything else is transform the imagination. That is why the entertainment and advertising industries are the first wave of the emerging global consciousness.
What is at stake in globalization is not only the production and consumption of products, but more important the construction of a homogenized global consumerist consciousness. Globalization wants more than your pocketbook, it wants your soul.
In late capitalism we see an almost total comodification of life. And once everything is commodified - including beliefs, worldviews and cultural products - then the imperial hegemony of global capitalism has been established.
Quotes from Colossians Remixed's first chapter Placing Ourselves: Globalization and Postmodernity.


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