Friday, December 01, 2006

183 km, 3300 km

I manged 183 km of biking in Nov, 17 short of my goal. That was enough for me to pass the 3300 km point, 500 km short of the plan. 3300 does make 2006 my second best year so far passing 2004's 3200, but 200 km short of 2005's 3500. and 300 km short of making 2006 the best year ever at 3600 km. I'm still riding, but the conditions are challenging to say the least. I rode to work yesterday morning and it took two hours. Luckily I had most of the morning off due to a computer move. This morning I rode to Anderson station and took the ctrain from there, quicker, but cut my ride from 17.5 km to just under 7 km. Will see how this works out.

- Peace


Ian McKenzie said...

I don't know how anyone can ride in this weather, but more power to you! I do envy you. ;)

Dave King said...

Thanks Ian. I used to give up when it hit zero. Adding a Wind Stopper Balaclava that's thin enough to wear under a helmet and pair of black diamond goretex gloves that are warm and flexible enough to shift and break with has allowed me to take on -10 without fear.

- Peace