Sunday, December 03, 2006

Alberta Conservatives, Canadian Liberals very much a like

Both the Liberal Part of Canada and the Alberta Conservatives picked new leaders yesterday. I couldn't help but notice the similarities. It goes deeper than just the fact that both Ed Stelmach and Stephane Dion were come from behind dark horse winners. Both men defeated front runners who were described in outsider terms.

In Alberta Ed Stelmack was the quiet cabinet mister who said he could bring together both corporate (Jim Dinning) and social conservative interests (Ted Morton). Jim Dinning has spent the last 10 years being an Oil Executive and quietly campaigning to be the Ralph's successor. Jim would prevent any further growth of the tiny Alberta Liberals by attracting the right wing of the Alberta Liberals. Ted Morton was on right and would attract those who had departed for the ultra conservative Alberta Alliance party or those where thinking of leaving.

Mr Dion is one of the few (only?) ministers from the Critien era who was able to win over Paul Martin. He defeated a front runner Michael Ignatieff who's spent most of his working life out side Canada and a former NDP Premier of Ontario Bob Rae.

I'm sure that no one will confuse the two winners or their parties, but right now I see a strong familiar resemblance.

- Peace


Richard said...

Another similarity is that members of members the liberal party voted in both elections.

I read a news article about liberal party members declaring themselves "two-minute tories", buying conservative memberships, and voting to keep Ted Morton out.

Dave King said...

I would have figured Ted would have given the Liberals their best shot at forming a government. The Tories created the two minute memberships, so they seemed to want exactly that sort of thing.

- Peace

Richard said...

I think the liberals figured that the risk of Ted being premier far outweighed the benefit of having a stronger liberal party.

I would agree that Ted would have meant the strongest liberal party. I guess it sort of makes sense if the liberals are convinced they cannot win in Alberta.