Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things I learned from watching the Davinci Code

  1. I miss the X Files, I really do
  2. A triangle is never just a triangle
  3. The Church and Women in general would be better off if we just embraced ritualistic sex
- Peace


Olterman said...

This post just made me laugh out loud !!!

Richard said...

Wormwood's uncle seems to have enjoyed the book/movie and written a review "praising" the Da Vinci Code

Lisa S said...

Would you recommend speding money to see it? I do intend to read the book.

Dave King said...

I'd rate the movie a rental. Sarah and I went with folks from Xalt and went out afterwords so the total experience was worth it, but not on it's own. Haven't read the book, may at some point.

Christopher said...

I miss the X-Files too.

The movie wasn't all that great and the motivation for the big bad didn't make sense to me.