Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Non-Compliance in an Economy of Exploitation, or...

...An Alternative Reading of the Parable of the Talents by Mike Todd. Interesting, can't say that I buy it. Jesus uses the harvest metaphor in plenty of places and ways so I don't see that the main argument works here. What did resonate is that he places the story in context with
It’s very interesting that this parable leads right into the Judgment of the Nations, otherwise known as the parable of the sheep and goats.

It trigger the thought that the sheep and goats gives a picture of what invtesting in the Kingdom looks like. Thanks Mike. BTW While I don't 'buy' the alternate reading, it's a good read and worth pondering.

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Richard said...

Read the alternate reading. The comments below were even more interesting.

The people not buying the "alternate explanation" sounded umm.... Roman Catholic. Quoting the Church Fathers, talking about how ludicrous it would be for the passage to be misinterpreted for 20 centuries.

It felt like a typical Catholic-Protestant debate where the "traditional protestants" sound like Catholics and the post-modern protestants sounds like Protestants.

Unless those were Catholics posting the replies, I think I should keep on the lookour for flying pigs.

Truth is stranger than fiction...

Dave King said...

I doubt the conversation devides quite that neatly. Part of the post modern movement has been people going back and reading the Church fathers, the desert fathers, the celtic and benidictine traditions.

- Peace

Mike Todd said...

We were all Catholic once, my friends.