Friday, April 07, 2006

Sufjan Stevens, Free MP3s

Sufjan Stevens :: Free MP3s + Lyrics there's a nice selection of his new stuff and older. Sufjan was named Paste Magazine's Artist of the Year. Download some tracks and find out why.

As seen on Wired's Listening Post.

- Peace


Kevin Saff said...

Cool, Dave - didn't know you were a Sufjan fan. FYI, the blogger missed at least one legal free download:
Lord God Bird
Somewhere there are three albums worth of Sufjan Christmas material, too. I'm not sure those are technically legal downloads, but the originals were incredibly rare, so it's worth searching for them if you like that kind of thing.

Dave King said...

Well my cstone friends keept talking about him. I tried to get Illinoise in IL at cstone but the only guy selling them had stopped selling them cause he got word about the issue witht he cover and was respecting the recall. After hearing one of the tracks on a Paste Sampler I knew I needed to get the CD.

- Peace