Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dancer, Warrior, My Daughter

Sarah and I were out last night to a going away party/video game party for Anmarrie, we took Dance Dance Revolution along. Not only did Sarah sweep the competition from the dance mats, she also swept them from the batelfield. She took top spot in more than one round of Halo 2. For the last couple of rounds they handicapped her to keep the game even. I'm so very proud :)

- Peace


Anonymous said...

I was just looking through our church blogs and I found yours. I was going to mention something this morning but we had to leave early.

Please tell Sarah she should come back to South Meadows. OR to the fantastic youth group that will be happening.. soon [see: peter]. I'd like that.

-sister of fil.

Dave King said...

Sister of Fil, she saw your message but I wouldn't hold your breath.

- Peace