Friday, April 21, 2006

Leonard Cohen and Last Exile

I picked up the The Essential Leonard Cohen a couple of weeks back, and Mike lent me the anime series Last Exile at the same time. I've been struck by the similarities between the two. Both draw on a wide range of traditions to create a new unique voice. Cohen draws on the western Cannon, Jesus, democracy, the music industry are all in his mix. Last Exile mixes traditional 2d animation with3d CGI effects, while it doesn't always work, at times it's brilliant. Last Exile also draws on wide range of culture, from 1930's Sci Fi to 1800's Military. Neither Leonar Cohen nor Last Exile spend any time explaining themselves. Both just drop you into their worlds, you have to get your bearings as you go.

- Peace


Nate said...

I netflixed Last Exile, and watched the first two disks, but started getting bogged down in the plot. Is it worth continuing on with?

Dave King said...

I'm enjoying it, my daughter enjoyed it, and I know Mike loved it.

- Peace