Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AvantGo RSS Reader

The AvantGo service downloads news to your PDA so you can read it when offline. Great for the bus or when standing in line somewhere. They've added an RSS Reader so you can get more customized streams than the same thing you heard on the news. I used it to get my flickr contact pics, but it didn't work with the headlines from Paste. It's still in Beta so there's hope.

- Peace


Lisa S said...

What is RSS? This is the second time today (and the second time ever) that I have seen this. Please educate me oh learned techie friend.

Dave King said...

Blogs are published in HTML that tells the browser how to format the text for humans to read. We see a bold section of text at the start and think title. RSS uses XML to format blog content so computer can read it by saying the title start here and ends here.

RSS is Really Simple Syndiction and allows programs to mix and match content from various sources. For instance Jordon's kinja page that show's the latest posts from some of his favorite blogs.

- Peace

Lisa S said...

Thanks, Dave.
I'm just starting to learn about code and languages and stuff. I used to think this was all beyond me, but I'm starting to think maybe I can get a handle on it.