Friday, July 16, 2004

Snow Banks in July

On the way to work this morning, as I passed Anderson Road, there was what looked like snow banks. They had to plow the roads after last night's hail storm. I live just 5 km south and we had a wind, rain and lightning, but no hail. Other parts of the city got flooded out.

Weather in Alberta is just wild.

- Peace


Swansmith said...

I guess Alberta has even Minnesota beat. Hard to believe, but true, I guess.......

Dave King said...

Well, not sure what you mean by beat. It's not colder than Minisota if that's what you mean. At least not Calgary. Calgary is just random. Feb can be great weather, it can be summer like in Dec. But we can also get bursts of snow / hail at any time.

- Peace

Swansmith said...

Thanks for setting me straight. I hope to read about your warm days in February as I'm shivering through the snow and cold here. I guess I had the stereotypical view that most (if not all) of Canada is like the Arctic Circle--after all, the snowfall in September blog entry you had stuck with me. Here's for warm sunny summer days (which must be longer up there in Calgary than down south here in Minneapolis ;))