Friday, July 23, 2004

The Joy of Tech!: A Brief History of the Internet

Can anything escape the black hole of spam?

- Peace


kris said...

wow Dave, how do you find all these geek sites?

Dave King said...

I spend a fait bit of time on line, both work and personal. Here's the story for Joy of Tech:

Back in the day, wired was the cool place on the net. The web guys at wired started a site called web monkey and mailing list called monkey junkies. In 98 a fellow junkie mentioned a site called slashdot. In 99 slashdot covered a new geek comic strip called After Y2K, Joy of Tech is by the same people who did AY2K.

Got all that? I don't remember where I first encountered Wired, but it would have been in 95/96.

- Peace