Friday, September 26, 2003

My daughter just made my day.

We were out for lunch and the subject of "posers" came up. She gave the great example of a girl who has a skate board and takes it to school, only she walks it to school instead of riding it.

I gave the example of the Pharisees, a group of people who liked do dress religious and act religious but weren't interested in what God was going.

Sarah: Oh like the guy in the Jones movie

Me: [Thinking Jones Soda] Jones Movie?

Sarah: you know the guy version of Tomb Raider!

Me: Indian Jones?

Sarah: yeah the guy at the end who was dressed in all the robes but was working for the bad guys, and got killed.

Me: [me a bit stunned] Yes that's a great example, you can't be a Nazi and expect God is going to be on your side just cause you're wearing the robes.

What impressed me is Sarah took what was going on in School, connected it to my example from the Gospels and tied it together with a pop culture reference on her own. I didn't even think she was paying attention when we watched Raiders of the Lost Arc. I tend to think pop culture can provide some interesting symbols to work with, seems like my daughter has picked up on some of that. Excuse me while I beam!

- Peace

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