Sunday, September 14, 2003

Jay and Gail both asked for an interview so here are the questions:

Questions For Jay

Deo Omnis Gloria means All Glory to God, how did you pick that phrase as your blog title?

Why in Latin?

The sub title of your blog is “holding out the candle of truth to the world”. Who do you see as your main audience?

One of the things I've found fascinating about the Catholic Church is it's diversity, the Jesuits who are known for their philosophy, the earthy mysticism of the Franciscans, charismatic movements like Couples for Christ, reform movements like the Voice of the Faithful, or the conservative “traditionalists” mentioned in your blog. What flavor of Catholic are you?

Who would you like to see as the next Pope?

Questions for Gail.

How did you first get interested in Live Action Role Playing (LARP)?

How often do you get out to a LARP game?

What type of Character(s) do you like to play?

Does your game character reflect your personality or are you a different character when you play?

What's your favorite thing about a LARP game?

- Peace

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