Tuesday, September 02, 2003

More on Q & A in Church

A couple of weeks back I asked Why don't we do Q & A in Church?. A freind told me the Westside Kings Church did Q & A in their service. So I emailed Tom Morris, Senior Pastor at WKC and asked him to do a brief interview, and he was kind enough to agree.

DJK: First for context, can you give me the quick answer to what is Westside Kings Church?

TM: Go to www.wkc.org it has all our vision values on it

DJK: I've heard you do Q & A as part of your services can you tell me how that fits into service, how long is the Q & A session and any other mechanics of how you do Q & A at church?

TM: Yes we do have Q & A and have been doing this for a couple of years on Sunday night at our young adult focused celebration. we have done it a few times on the other celebrations but it is a little unwieldy there. We have an evening host and after the message that person walks around and holds the mic while people ask away.

DJK: How many people attend the evening service? How many questions / how long does the Q & A sessions go?

TM: We began the evening celebration two years ago and presently have over one hundred of our regular two thousand that attend. Q and A is for around 15 mins and usually about four questions sometimes a few more.

DJK: Why did the q & a sessions start at WKC?

TM: We did it because it fits with our core ideology as to the interaction. We believe is nessesaty in the context of people influenced by a more dialouge oriented culture rather than the one way communication of the traditional modern church.

DJK: Have there been any awkward moments during Q & A, what do you do to handle them?

TM: A few. Mostly people who expose themselves in a way that shows that they really don't get what is being talked about. we have a very gracious community so it is not a big deal.

DJK: What does having a q & a session say about the WKC culture?

TM: I am not sure, but i think it says we are open and want to learn together rather than a sage on the stage we are a learning community of fellow struggelers.

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