Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revelstoke, 1400 km mark

Revelstoke from Mount Revelstoke, 1400 KM*
Spent the weekend in Revelstoke with 20 some friend. Had great time, passed the 1400 km mark too. Forgot to take the camera with me for the 1400 km shot so this view of Revelstoke from Mount Revelstoke will have to do. Hit a new personal speed record of 71.9 km/h while coming down Mount Revelstoke :) Average speed of 42 km/h for the 25 km trip!

Doing something with 20 people far more complicated that with one other friend. Mostly the communication costs shoot through the roof. Something to work on for next time.

Went swimming at Williams lake, did synchronized cannonballing off the dock and an event we called slime surfing.

Shawnti, Kevin, Calvin and Dave Kerr all to bike spills, but no serious damage suffered. Shawnti gets the best newbie on a technical trail award and Dave Kerr gets the fastest recovery award.

Laurel put her knife in the Katchup. Yeah, I can't believe it either.

- Peace


PsySal said...

Yeah, that pic'll "have to do" =) Awesome pic, awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

That Laurel, always putting her knife in the ketchup...
<>< Melissa

Dave King said...

Calvin: thanks. Glad you enjoyed the pic and the weekend.

Melissa: yeah, not sure how you deal with that.

- Peace