Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Neighbourhood Blogs

New blog annoucements hit critical mass this morning with Melissa starting a new blog to share her creative writing. Check out smalltownmelissa.

The DHLs have started Chicken and Egg to keep us up to date on their pan Asian tour that starts in the fall, though Debbie blogs that she's fallen for Dr. Who!

The 2007 Version of Teresa Running Here, There, and Everywhere... is well just that. Currently Teresa blogs her day trip to Morocco from Spain. Update: When I got home yesterday there was a post card from Theresa waiting for me! Thanks Teresa :)

A friend highly recommends Doctor in Denial. I once worked for two MDs and swore to never do that again. Doctor in Denial gives one hope that Docs can be people too.

- Peace


Kevin Saff said...

Gosh, I wonder who writes that "Doctor in Denial" site. She seems like a very cool person. I mean "he or she". Because I don't know who "he or she" is. At all. Really.

Dave King said...

There's a big difference between us being able to hear the voice of a good friend and being able to find the blog via Google.

- Peace

Kevin Saff said...

I know, there's obviously a good reason for it. But I did have to tell at least one other person who it was, so they would bother to check out the site.