Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Edmonton at 1800 KM

Edmonton at 1800 KM

Went to Edmonton for the weekend. Took the bike and did a ride Sat morning. Passed the 1800 KM mark on the High Level bridge.

Other notes from the weekend:

Chris at Pedalhead in Edmonton has an amazing memory. While it took him a moment to remember my name, he remembered the exact bike I bought back in 98.

My Mom is now a Mac user. Gave her an iMac back in Febuary, but it wasn't till this weekend that she felt comfortable shutting down the PC.

Power Grid is a great game. Not only does the game change depending the chosen playing areas, but in the three player game you randomly remove eight power plants. In out case most of the green plants (wind, solar, fusion) were removed. This made resources very scarce and opened up new strategic opportunities. The game also self balances making most games close.

I miss Mike.

- Peace

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Michael said...

Miss you too brother.
It was so good to see you again. I so look up to you, and not just cause yer taller than me neither.