Tuesday, July 31, 2007

700 KM in 07/07

Pass the 700 KM mark for July this morning. That's the most I've ever done in a single month. Given that I lost the first week recovering from a 22 km hike, I'm quite happy with 700 KM.

- Peace


D'Arcy said...

that's insane! congrats. I'm having to take a couple days off of riding because I'm fighting some strange bug/flu nastiness. so much for keeping up :-)

Dave King said...

Being sick in the summer sucks.

Will be on vacation for a couple of weeks so you'll have time to get close.

- Peace

PsySal said...

Awesome! I had a great ride, today, too! Thought I might see you since I took the entire elbow drive but the opposite direction, and it was probably around 5:30 onward. What a bunch of wonderful weather we've been blessed with this summer, too.