Monday, April 02, 2007

Simple Bistro

After hearing John Gilchrist's review of Simple Bistro and realizing that it was in our part of Calgary (2335 - 162 Avenue S.W., just east of Sobeys in Bridlewood) we wanted to give it a try. Simple Bistro lived up to the promise of good French cuisine in a relaxed setting. I had the lamb, Kim had the salmon and we both thought it was excellent. I discovered that I like escargot, it's like muscles with out the sea food taste. We enjoyed the house wine more than some wine's that have come recommended with the meal at other restaurants. Bill for the two of us was under $100 including tip.

Luckily we didn't need a reservation as Simple Bistro's phone number isn't published in the phone book, a glitch that they are working on. FYI: Simple Bistro's phone number is 403.313.4426.

- Peace


Ro said...

Highly, highly recommended as the food is of GREAT Quality, and the dishes are succulent!

Best part's in Bridlewood..just a stone's throw from Shawnessy and Sundance. HOORAH!

Anonymous said...

Is it still there? I looked for it on Mar 1st and didn't see it.

Dave King said...

No, I just called their number and they have closed. How sad.

- Peace