Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lost Dogs, Mutt - Missing Gene

I've been listening to the Lost Dogs for over 20 years now, and that's odd given that they formed 1991, 16 years ago. The dogs were four members in four of my favorite bands: The 77's, The Choir, Adam Again and Daniel Amos. In 1999 Gene Eugene of Adam Again died in his sleep. And then there were three Lost Dogs.

I just got my hands on the Lost Dog's 2004 Mutt where the Lost Dogs cover music from the 77's, The Choir and Daniel Amos. It's put me in a melancholy mood. They've done a masterful job of reinterpreting some classics from three of my favorite bands ... but I can't help notice that they didn't cover an Adam Again song. I feel Gene's absence on every track. Strange that I would miss the one Lost Dog I've never met, but there you have it.

- Peace


Jadon said...

Yeah...I'm quite surprised they didn't cover one at the very least. I guess he wasn't there to object, I suppose. However, let's not forget that there have been tributes already like this one, Adam Again Live At Cornerstone 2000 A Tribute To Gene Eugene:

Michael said...

I just wanted to thank Dave for introducing me to the Lost Dogs and the 77's. It's been a joy to my ears.
One of my hopes of the resurection is that I will hear it all again only better.

Dave King said...

Mike: You're more than welcome. I'll try to remember to bring Mutt along next time I'm up.

Jadon, I know that guys love Gene, and have shown that since his passing, just struck me as odd.

- Peace

dalin said...

I was one of those second wavers. I really dug the stuff that Gene Eugene did the producing for. Things like The Prayer Chain. Those guys were way ahead of their time.

Dave King said...

I dito that Dalin, Gene did amazing work on both sides of the board.

- Peace