Friday, April 20, 2007

Angry Young Men

A lot of crap I'm sure is going around on the television trying to understand this school shooter. It's really actually simple. He was an angry young man. It's really just that senseless. The same day that this angry young man murdered 30 people at Virginia Tech, angry young men murdered 130 people in Baghdad. And Lord knows where else. It's nothing new.

But look away from the senseless violence of angry young men, which is meaningless, and read about Prof. Liviu Librescu, the holocaust survivor who held the door shut while his students escaped:

The Holocaust survivor who saved a classroom

Now, that's really something to think about.


Dave King said...

Reminds me of a T Bone Burnett lyrics that talks about how evil is boring, it's like watching dust settle, it's too constant. Now grace it comic, unpredictable it goes where it will, and it's the only thing worth taking seriously.

- Peace

kris said...

T Bone - as in the Christian rapper T Bone?

Dave King said...

No as in T-Bone Burnett.

Richard said...

I've always been taught that one cannot earn one's way into heaven - saved by grace and not by works and all that.

Though when I read the story of Prof Librescu I couldn't help but think of Our Lord saying "greater love has no man than this, than to lay down his life for a friend".

One needs to consider the possibility that this "non-Christian" must he have already been filled with God's grace to perform such an act of heroism.

Dave King said...

Like a certain samaritan we're to go and be like.

- Peace

Richard said...

Well, with the Samaritan parable poses no threat to my smug soteriology because I just dismiss it as "just a parable". Real people and real events throw an exception.

And who do you say that I am?... You are the eschatological manifestation of the ground of our being, the kergyma in which we find the ultimate meaning of our interpersonal relationships... And the Lord said unto them, what?