Monday, July 31, 2006

The Good The Bad The KMs

The good news is I made my 550 km goal for July. The bad news is I'm 322 km short of my toal goal of 2050 for the end of July. That's a ton of exta kms in Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov to avoid riding in Dec.

- Peace


Anonymous said...

Okotoks and back? =) I can't probably go this weekend since I'm volunteering at a casino, however I'm thinking that this would be a really nice (long, but doable) ride, in a beautiful part of the countryside near Calgary. We would take back-highways, mostly dirt roads. I think Kevin could probably be convinced to attend himself proper.

Calvin said...

Right. It's me

Dave King said...

hmmm, I did just over 50 km in one day on Sunday. I don't think I'm up for 80 km of gravel roads. Have fun :)

- Peace