Monday, January 30, 2006

Nanny McFee

Kim and I were invited to a preview of Nanny McFee, we both enjoyed it. There will be many kids who remember Nanny McFee they way I remember Marry Popins with fond if somewhat vague memories. While I'm sure somewhere someone is debating whether or not Nanny McFee is super nanny or parenting disaster, kids will remember her for her magic and some funny moments. I don't know how true the movie stayed to the source material - the kids come off as very modern not at all form the 1800s where the story is set. I guess fans of the original source material might object, but if like me you haven't read or heard of the original book (I know it's nurse something or other) and you can except modern kids in an 1800s setting it works. While there's some symbolizing about discipline being ugly until you get to know her this isn't anything very deep going on here. Worth seeing or renting if you've got kids too young for Harry Potter or Narnia.

- Peace

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