Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Love Freedom Flowers and Divorce

Love that is not free is not love. If you doubt me, try this next time you buy flowers for your wife. Explain that you had to buy her flowers, husbands buy flowers for their wives, therefore you bought her flowers. "It's nothing personal dear." Let me know how that works for you.

It's tempting to envy the divorced, their relationships are so well defined, the amount of money a man must give his ex is nailed down to the dollar and day. He knows exactly when he needs to take care of the kids. Not only is his role clear it is given the force of law. None of the ambiguity of submitting to one another, loving and honoring.

Of course if I use my freedom as an excuse not to love then I will do more than envy the divorced man, I will be one.

- Peace


Richard said...

"Like a eunuch lusting for intimacy with a maiden is he who does right under compulsion" - Ecclesiasticus 20:4

Dave King said...

Great Quote man.

- Peace

Richard said...

Deanna found that one for me, she loves wise sayings. We were laughing for quite a while over that one.