Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Born A Couch Potato? Each Persons' Activity Level Appears Intrinsic, Possibly Tied To Genetics as seen today on /.

As big guy, who's a software developer, being active is tough. That's why the 3500km I did on my bike this year is big deal to me. So I'd like to thank the folks how helped make it happen.

Pedalhead Bicycle Works Calgary - their web page seems to be down but they're a great bunch of guys. Always great service in least amount of time for reasonalble $$$. Couldn't have done it with out them.

Rawleigh, Phil andd Joey for the fantastic trail rides. We'll need to do it again. Special extra thanks to Rawleigh for all the tech support on the trail rides :)

Thanks to Tim and Dale for helping me with a flat tire at Cornerstone!

Thanks to everyone who's encouraged me along the way with comments here, emails, IMs and in person. You'll never know who much it means.

- Peace

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they call him Tim said...

You inspire us all Dave. I did see a bicyclist this morning on my way to work. I took the parkway because we got a few inches of snow and freeways were clogged big time. But I cruised along about 25 MPH and the bike was probably doing about half that or about 10 times as fast as those on the freeway!