Friday, November 25, 2005

3500 km down, 3800 km in 2006

On the ride in to work this morning I passed the 3500 km mark, my goal for 2005. Thanks in no small part to a week of Indian Summer I've been able to do over 100 km this week. Just in time too, while I saw two people in shorts this morning they are calling for snow tomorrow. Ah Calgary.

I'm setting my goal for 2006 at 3800 km.

I have a bunch of people I want to thank but that will have to wait till tonight or tomorrow.

- Peace


RealGuy556 said...

Way to go Dave,great job.


Philip said...

Congrats Dave! Keep on riding, I'll see you out there.

Daniel S. said...

Wow! Bravo Dave!
Nice to see you were able to ride your bike till the end of November. Yeah, I miss Calgary weather...