Thursday, November 10, 2005

Saddleback Community Church



Anonymous said...

Coooool. Who is the good looking guy in the middle.


Richard said...

Is saddleback a common name for a church? I remember reading an article that mentioned a "saddleback church". I figure it's either strange coincidence, the name is common, or it really is the same church I was reading about.

Dave King said...

Richard, click on the pic for details.

Richard said...

Hmm... I guess the common name theory is out. Maybe the article I was reading really was talking about the same Church you were at.

I can't for the life of me think of why this would have negative feedback though.

Dave King said...

Richard, I'll try to explain.

Rick Waren, author of Purpose Driven X,Y & Zed has a mega church named Saddleback. Rick is the poster boy for much of what people in the pomo/emergent camp are reacting against. Rick's church is Saddleback Community Church in Orange County California. On our way to a pomo/emergent event we passed Saddleback Community church in small town BC, so named cause one of the Mountains is Saddleback and the pastor is a Rick Warren fan. Pastor Andrew was hoping to attract other Warren fans.

Pastor Andrew has taken some heat from his denomination because Rick Warren is not a big fan of one of the supper stars in that denimination.

- Peace

Richard said...

Ah, thanks - I had no clue about the SaddleBack megachurch and Rick Warren. I'm still a little confused as to whether Rick is part of the pomo camp or if the pomo camp is opposed to what Rick does.