Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Kelowna Trip

I've heard people come back from conferences with the phrase "I was really blessed by this" and thought it was pretty much church speak for "nothing that really changed or challenged me happened".
Well, I was changed by it, challenged by it, and unspeakably blessed by it.

The most powerfull moments:
A girl talked about having been through a long period of self examination and feeling a failure. So she began to lead what she called "the un-examined life". Simply accepting God's love for her was now her daily struggle.

The leap of faith was metaphored using a spider and a long and philisophical discussion ensued. Then Dave used Spiderman 2 to bring it back to relationships and the importance of authenticity. Who knew Spiderman 2 was so profound? (well apparently Dave did)

Just hanging with Dave and LT. Two big guys with gigantic hearts. Four and a half days that grew my mind, my heart and my spirit.

Thanks Dave and LT. and the conference organizers. It was awsome

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