Sunday, October 16, 2005


Saw this film with Kim and Sarah. With Orlando Bloom [Lord of the Rings] and Kirsten Dunst [Spiderman] how bad could it be? It's a movie that about how people sleep walk through their lives and how we need to wake up, but this movie never seems to wake up and sleep walks though everything.

There is some interesting imagery that's just wasted. There's a scene where a giant burning dove descends into the crowd and Kirsten Dunst character goes into stewardess mode and escorts people to safety. Thing is the dove means so much more, but here we have heroine escorting people back to their safe lives. The movie just doesn't gel.

The sound track was a brightspot to the movie and might be worth checking out on it's own. Pity U2's pride in the name of love didn't make the album.

BTW I given three free tickets to see Elizabethtown.

- Peace

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