Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?

reminding on the Psychology and Aesthetics of Coding By Charles Petzold. As seen on /.

Been wondering the same thing about Eclipse. After using it for a couple of years now, I find wring code in plain old jEdit quite a jump. When I taught I used jEdit and PFE before that. Students raised on VB would complain and I'd point them to The dumbing-down of programming part one and two. Seven years later and I now use code completion cause it comes with eclipse and a bunch of good refactoring tools. Is it a step forward? I'm not always sure.

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Richard said...

Nice article - I like the addiction metaphor, I think the guy needs to try out the Resharper plugin for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio does a lot of things wrong and badly but it is attempting to fulfill a legitimate need not filled by notepad.

I think Resharper fulfills those legitimate needs very well and it's "goodness" places it outside the realm of addiction. Just like a vegetables don't count as an addiction even though people may "depend" on it.

To continue the analogy, it feels like he observes that Visual Studio is junkfood and concludes that food is bad.