Monday, October 31, 2005

Dallas Willard, Forcing Religion

Forcing religion on the young, even though it makes no sense to them is a major reason why they graduate from Church about the same time they graduate from high school and do not return for twenty years, if ever.
From Willard's discussion of Pearls Before Swine: when good things become deadly in The Divine Conspiracy. One example of where Willard takes quite a different view than most. Here he focuses not on the swine being the issue but the pearls. A pig can't eat pearls, what else would they do but attack one who feeds them pearls.

- Peace


Lisa Shorten said...

I love this book. I have had to reserve it from the library 3 times and am reading it in chunks, which is good. It's a dense book and needs lots of time to digest.

He immediately got on my good side for his many references to C.S. Lewis.

Dave King said...

One of the things I apreciate about the book is that while it's long, over 400 pages, his sub sections are never more than a couple of pages. Makes it very approachable.